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Let's Go Golfing!

Start your new lifestyle that will help you live five years longer!

Let's Go Golfing!  is a clinic program to introduce you to the basics of golf.  Here you will learn the fundamentals of golf and the etiquette of the game so you'll be ready for the course.  Make golf fun and learn the right way from the beginning! 
As studies show, golfers life five years longer!

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Golf: your new lifestyle

Let's start your new journey on the golf course!

Let's get rolling!

Your first lesson is how to putt the ball in the hole!  You'll also learn about different clubs and all you'll need to play!

On the Green!

Today we learn how to chip the ball onto the green.  It's a short shot that you'll soon master.  Today we will take you on the course and explain all the features.

Up in the Air!

Pitching the ball is a shot that flies up in the air and lands softly.  In golf we need to develop touch and today you'll know how.  We will also take about golf fitness and show you a few exercises.

Swing your style!

We are going to show you how to make a full swing based on your personal style and build along with the basic fundamentals. We are also going to show you how to practice your new swing.

Swing Big and the Bunker Blast!

Today is about hitting the ball big with our longest clubs!  The secret sauce is in the set up.  We are also going to spend some time in the bunker learning how to get out of the sand.

Let's Play Golf!

Today we are going to put it all together and go golf!  You're going to learn some basic strategies and how to get around the course.  Warning: be ready for some fun and laughs!

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