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Ben Hogan 


The golf swing really isn't so complicated.  A swing is a set of skills that all of us have naturally.  For example walking is shifting your weight, throwing is releasing the club.  Yet when all of us walk or throw, we have our own distinct styles.  I love baseball and when I watch a pitcher I hardly see two with the same motion, yet they are in the big leagues for a reason.  They're effective.  

I've been coaching for over 30 years and thousands of lessons.... and the most important lessons i've learned is that there is no one way to swing the club and there is nothing new in golf instruction.   So the ultimate factor in improving your swing is how well can I show you how to teach yourself.  Yes that's right.. I can't learn golf for you,, only you can!    

 As a coach I try to keep concepts simple so that you can free up your mind to PLAY GOLF and not play GOLF SWING.   So we aren't trying to fix your swing, we are trying to build your skills.  This requires a bit of patience and effort and if there really is a secret to golf you'll find it mostly with those two ingredients. 

As Ben Hogan once said , the swing is only 10% of golf. 

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